Live stream: Mjällby AIF vs Malmö FF Prediction and Betting Preview Allsvenskan 2014

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Despite a miserable hindsight on Strandvallen MFF will be favorites against Mjallby - and keep the press.

I am not a criminal person, but now I will commit a crime in my own personality : I look forward to and expect three points tomorrow. And if Mjällbys players and officials want to hang up the article in the locker room for extra lighter fluid , so you go. Malmo FF will simply win if not it will be just easy.

But the story then points out someone with the same careful and easy pessimistic orientation as yours truly. The story that says MFF never won a competitive match on Strandvallen against Mjallby . Ah, history is history , I say well aware that the story must be cared for and Omma . In particular, our own beautiful and glorious . But when it comes to gloomy retrospect so will it be relegated to where it belongs, in landfills where it can lie and rot and smell bad . In order to eventually disappear. For it is far too much focus on what has been , rather than what is. There MFF has 22 points and Mjallby has 8.

Malmö FF finished Allsvenskan, before a 10 -day break, surprisingly mediocre . Not since the home game against Everton , then , paradoxically, it just became a draw , the game has sued . Yet it has been three wins and only one loss in the series. This can indicate luck, but luck I do not believe in more than any single match. It's about quality and individual players performance .

The game does not really sued , but the victories yet been made ​​and that we are easily the best in the series , I think also makes the team feel that even on a bad day you win . Albeit with problems. That feeling must be stronger than the realization that the MFF 's A-team on 11 meetings have not won in Blekinge.

I'm just trying to tell myself that MFF tomorrow night around 21:00 will lead Champions League with five points ahead of Elfsborg ? It's possible, but when I see and think of players like Guillermo Molins , Markus Rosenberg, Ricardinho , Magnus Eriksson, a stable Matias Concha and the rest of one by Swedish standards star filled team, so I can not bring myself to believe the points loss .

Kristian Haynes writes on his blog at P4 Blekinge it is this year's match ahead. He does not write to it's big brother Malmo FF that one time of all teams want to win against , but it is implied. I hear him. Attitude beats sometimes class. It is enough to look at the Swedish Cup semifinal against HIF to ensure the correctness of it . In addition, Mjallby with two wins ( HBK at home and away BP ) from the last three matches. Moreover (again) , the team has a lot of players with MFF- related , which always guarantees that it will burn REVANCHE in your eyes, and steel implanted in the legs.

So very easy , it may not be. And it 's important not to look at the table too deep for MFF players . That there are different 14 points, with a game more played for the home team , can give the impression of an easy affair . And ...

No, it is so with an argument that it could be point pin for the MFF. Tomorrow, below ( likely) starting eleven to run out as calves on pasture after sometimes got some rest tired legs and sometimes trained to detail in the game that are not suing the late recently. It's time to do away with a bogey team , just like it was done with Elfsborg in Borås Arena in October 2013 (late only remains Hacken, but it may be a later issue). Everyone is aware of that does not take anything for granted .

Profit and all the fuss about a grim gone history can be disposed of at that dump. Win and we are leading the series with five points. Win and we're not in name only easily the best in the series. I may be a cockier version of the real me , but I know what this MFF can also not in their best moments. It makes me calm.

Amin Nazari be for their good appearances in the last four games to get a spot from the start. Initially it was said that it will be at the expense of Markus Halsti who need more rest after that had some minor injuries . Fixed so did Simon Thern a slap on yesterday's training and maybe it will be in place as he may sit on the bench.

Therefore , a likely starting eleven , or even highly probable such unless something unforeseen happens in the afternoon or in the morning :

Concha - Johansson - Helander - Ricardinho
Molins - Nazari - Halsti / Strathern - Forberg
Eriksson - Rosenberg

Pontus Jansson then? I think , given what Åge Hareide said before ( after cupfnalen , that we therefore never reached , he will begin phasing in Erik Johansson next Filip Helander ) , so it will be a place on the bench tomorrow for Pontus . In addition, after the last days writings about Torino and a previous transfer , the question of how balanced and focused he is at the moment.

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