Cristiano Ronaldo insults Chicharito and other ‘shit’ Real Madrid players at Audi event

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Cristiano Ronaldo threw his toys out of the pram at a recent Audi event with Real Madrid.

You would expect the Portuguese forward to be on his best behaviour around this time of the year with a Ballon d’Or in the balance. Santa might be watching too, for all he knows. source: 101greatgoals.com

But Ronaldo wasn’t displaying much of a Christmas spirit as the Madrid players were split into two teams for a racing competition. To be clear, the players were put into vehicles rather than facing off in a footrace.

When he was placed in a team with second-string players including Jese Rodriguez, Nacho and Javier Hernandez, Ronaldo said: ‘Look at the shit team you give me’.

Perhaps it was a deadpan joke but it seemed more likely that he was sulking. Poor Chicarito didn’t really know how to react and was clearly a bit humiliated. When will his heartache end!

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