Santos vs Palmeiras Live Stream, Preview and Prediction Brasileiro Serie A 2015

Training for the decision of Brazil Cup? Verdão players treat the clashes in front of the fish as revenge for the loss of the title Paulista

Santos and Palmeiras make the grand final of Brazil Cup. The duo decide Paulistão and the fish got the better. This Sunday at 5:00 pm, at Vila Belmiro, however, are by the Brasileirão, worth, including a position at G4. No one hides the title is the big goal, but they're not going to let the other side competition. Then, the classic will be a COP like what will happen on the day 25 November and 1 December.

The Saints lives a great stage in Serie a and is the favorite to get the fourth spot. The sum 50 points and Fish wants to close the gap to the Guild, 56, in addition to distance himself from opponents who are chasing a place in the Libertadores, as São Paulo, Internacional, Sport and Palmeiras.

The Verdão comes from UPS and downs in the tournament. Since the injury to Gabriel has never been the same, but promises tough game to overcome the Santos at Vila Belmiro. Palmeiras tries to rehabilitate his loss to the Sport, at home, out of 48 points.

If it depends on the coach Marcelo Oliveira, Brazil Cup's decision just to go back to the subject in the Palm trees near the day November 25, the date of the first match of the game with the Saints. The coach hopes the team go back to focus only on the Brazilian Championship and even already advised you intend to take the field for Sunday, also against the Fish itself, what's best.

"We have to forget the Brazil Cup. We are pleased with the opportunity to compete for a title, but we have to retake the Brazilian with everything. We have another important game, as everyone does, but this time it is a direct competitor and we need to play well to get the victory, "said coach Palmeiras.

In relation to the team, the coach should only define who plays minutes before departure. However, he warned that plans to climb the better to face rival alvinegro this Sunday. "We still have to talk to see the team, because it was a pretty exhausting game (against the flu), but I'm going with as hard as I can," warned Marcelo Oliveira.

Worried about the psychological factor, the coach made it clear that it cannot take into account the result of this Sunday for the decision of the Brazil Cup. "Every game has its story. We have to play hard and not to think that a victory can make us win Brazil Cup and a defeat the team Strip Brazil Cup. This game cannot influence the other League, only the Brazilian ", he explained.

What can do to surprise the Saints this Sunday, the coach showed good humor. "We will try to put players out of position. The quarterback on offense, for example. All teams if they study and what changes is the drive and creativity of players. "


The Saints are focused on the game against Palmeiras for the Brasileirão. Knowing that victory could keep the team in the G4, coach Dorival Junior must also put in the field the best. Werley, punished for three games by the STJD, stay out. With that, David Barrie must do with Bil.

Victor Fernandez follows Medical Department and is another that rob the fish. Daniel Guedes must follow as a starter on the right side of the field, while Zeca do left. These are the only changes to the Saints, who will keep his offensive scheme, with Gabriel, Marquinhos Gabriel and Ricardo Oliveira.

"The two decisive games are another connotation. Will be decided in those days. Today, make any prognosis for a month becomes complicated. Regardless of what happens Sunday, not qualified, "said coach Dorival junior.

Daniel Guedes, Gustavo Henrique, David Barrie and Zeca;
Thiago Maia, Renato, Marquinhos Gabriel and Lucas Lima;
Gabriel and Ricardo Oliveira
Head Coach: Dorival Júnior

Fernando Pras;
Lucas, Victor Hugo, Jackson and Ze Roberto;
Matheus S, Thiago Santos and Robinho;
Dudu, Gabriel and Lucas Barrios
Head Coach: Marcelo Oliveira

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